Monday, August 27, 2012

The One with The Nursery Reveal...

So the nursery is (pretty much) done! I am still waiting on a canvas I ordered of one of our maternity pictures to put on the wall, but that won't be ready till next week and I figured I've kept you all waiting long enough ;) I've had so much fun spending time on every little detail of this room. 

I can't tell you how many times I laid awake at night over the past 2+ years of our journey, dreaming about what I wanted this room to look like. It's very surreal sitting in there now, with it all done, knowing that in less than 6 weeks, two babies will be calling it their home for many years to come. 

I tried really hard to make it a boy's AND a girl's room, but i know (and Matt has made it known:) that it is more on the girly side. I am not a theme person, and all the boy stuff out there is sports, trucks, trains & planes, which makes it hard! Plus, being a girl myself, I am easily drawn to the more feminine decorations. Thankfully, it's just their nursery and when they get older we can define it more clearly with sports (I'm sure) for him and whatever she's into at the time :) 

View from the door.

Baby girl's bedding

& baby boy's bedding

Mobiles I made for each of them.

Probably my favorite thing in the room :)

The changing table/dresser. I LOVE how this turned out, color and all. His clothes are on the left, hers on the right, and burp clothes, blankets, and extra diapers are in the middle. 

My mom and I searched high and low and finally found the perfect tray to store all the diaper changing goodies. I do realize that one day when they are able to stand up and reach for things, some of these things (tray, drapes, etc) will need to be moved, but for now it works :)

Her side of the room and his.

 Right above the chair, to the left, is where the canvas picture will go. I'm also planning on putting their newborn pictures in the frame to the left of the chair.

I had a lot of fun making the embroidery hoops and I like how they tie in with the bedding. I also need to add each of their initials, which I'm going to put amongst the hoops...but those will have to be added AFTER their born ;)

Love this verse.

Her hair bow/headband station :)

 Their closet...

 Here are her clothes dividers I made...still finishing his up.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The One with The Maternity Pictures...

A little over a month ago we went to take maternity pictures with the oh so talented Rachel Streelman of Sisterlee Photography. She did such a great job and made us feel so comfortable. I'm sure most of you have see the majority of these on Facebook already, but I thought I'd document them on here. Enjoy!

Thanks so much Rachel! 

I had another doctors appointment today. Everything is still looking great! We asked him when he thought he'd be scheduling my c-section (I've always been under the assumption that it would be around 38 weeks) and he said he's like me to go to 39. We will see if they decide to stay in there that long :) I'm all for them cooking as long as possible, but it scares me to think what my body will be feeling at 39 weeks. Thankfully I know God won't give me anything I can't handle :) So if all continues to go well we are looking at a scheduled c-section for October 1st! 

  • How far along? 33 weeks, measuring 41 weeks! I sat in a booth tonight for dinner and my belly touched the table lol :(
  • Total weight gain: 42lbs
  • Stretch marks? yep
  • Sleep: The insomnia has begun...not a fan.
  • Best moment this week: Although I am pretty bored, I am sooooo glad I've been sitting in the air conditioning at home instead of working in my classroom & getting ready for the upcoming school year. 
  • Miss Anything? Energy & caffeine. There are many things I could be making and errands I could be running but I just don't have the energy.
  • Movement: You'd think they'd be running out of room and not have much space to move, but they are staying plenty active!
  • Food cravings: Chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich... I still have yet to satisfy this craving :)
  • Food Aversions: None
  • Gender: Boy & Girl
  • Labor Signs: None, but the NST did pick up a few small contractions. Nothing I could feel or that she was concerned about.
  • Symptoms: The distance I am able to walk has become extremely limited. I quick errand has me exhausted for the rest of the day. 
  • Belly Button in or out? Out but starting to flatten out again
  • Wedding rings on or off? Off
  • Looking forward to: Getting a pedicure & going to a tea house on Saturday :)

I know I keep saying this, but I PROMISE nursery pictures are coming soon!! I'm still looking around for a few more frames and items to add to the shelves.  I just want it to be completely done before I post pictures :) 

Friday, August 17, 2012

The One with The Non-Stress Test...

Yesterday was the start of one of many Non-Stress Tests (NST). What is a NST? It's the monitoring of the babies heart rate pattern during fetal movement & rest periods. The doctor said that they always do this with twins, as well as those who got pregnant through IVF. So either way, I would be monitored. They also monitor if I'm having any contractions. I will be going every Monday and Thursday till the babies get here. I start by going in and having an ultrasound so she can measure how much fluid each baby has. As of now, they still have a good amount of fluid. Then, I went over to a recliner and was hooked up to 2 straps that they placed on my belly which monitor each baby individually as a 3rd strap to measure contractions. Moth babies did great and the only contraction movement she saw was from the babies jolting my belly around :) I'm so thankful how smoothly everything is going so far, but I know things can change very quickly. It's comforting to know that the babies & I are being closely watched and if anything were to look concerning, I would be whisked to the hospital across the street. The doctor said to be safe, I should probably pack my hospital bag & leave it in the car just in case something were to happen while I was there. Things are starting to get real! 

I found this picture of what twins look like in the womb at 32 weeks...
I'm pretty sure baby b (boy) would be the one on the left and baby a (girl) on the right. 

  • How far along? 32 weeks...but I've been getting comments from strangers lately like...Oh, looks like baby is coming anytime! I just smile and nod :) 
  • Total weight gain: 40lbs. My multiples book says I'm right on track, but boy is that a lot of lbs :/ 
  • Maternity clothes? Yes! Since it's been so hot I finally broke down and bought a pair of shorts. This is a big deal because I NEVER wear shorts. I mean NEVER. I hate my legs and always feel self conscience showing them off, but with this heat I decided to suck it up and get a pair. I've basically worn them 4 days in a row & I don't know how I did without them for so long :)
  • Stretch marks? still there...still worth it.
  • Sleep: Sleeping well, thankfully.
  • Best moment this week: My sweet mom wanted to buy the babies bedding, and her sister, my Aunt Beth, so graciously offered to make them! She just finished everything and dropped the rest of it off this week. It's so fun seeing everything I picked out & envisioned all put together. I love it! I'm hoping to hang the wall decor up this week and then I'll post pictures :)  
  • Miss Anything? Sleeping on my stomach & back. 
  • Movement: Like crazy!
  • Food cravings: Nothing particular this week. I'm just hungry :) 
  • Food Aversions: None
  • Gender: Pink & Blue!
  • Labor Signs: None
  • Symptoms: A numb and itching stomach...makes for an interesting combination. 
  • Belly Button in or out? Out
  • Wedding rings on or off? Off
  • Looking forward to: Being able to say the nursery is completely done!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The One with the Sad Week...

This week was a sad and hard week for the Anema family. Matt's Pop (Grandpa) passed away on Saturday unexpectedly. He had suffered from diabetes for quite awhile and had some other health issues, but nothing that could have prepared us for him to leave us this soon. We are grateful he didn't have to suffer, but we're all so sad to loose him and I know it hurts everyones heart that he won't be able to meet his first great grandchildren, especially since they are so close to being born :( It is reassuring to know his love and dedication to Christ and that he is now in heaven with Him, and tomorrow we get to celebrate the life he lived here on earth. We love and miss you Pop! 

  • How far along? 31 weeks & measuring 37 1/2 weeks.
  • Total weight gain: 38lbs
  • Maternity clothes? With the heat this week, it's been hard finding things to wear that fit and are both comfortable & cool. Luckily, most of my time is spent at home so it doesn't really matter what I'm wearing. And if you happen to see me wearing the same thing 2 or 3 times in a week, now you know why :) 
  • Stretch marks? still there...still worth it.
  • Sleep: Sleeping straight through, other than getting up to use the bathroom once each night.
  • Best moment this week: seeing both babies good, strong heartbeats at our doctors appointment this morning. In the ultrasound and from what it feels like, I think baby girl has completely moved. It looked like she has come out of her little corner and is now stretched out across the left side of my belly, with her head up. Baby boy is more on the right side now, but still somewhat transverse, with his feet next to her head, making him head down.  
  • Miss Anything? Being able to sit comfortably and breath easily. Getting good, deep breaths is becoming harder. 
  • Movement: Still a lot of movement, but sadly I can't feel it as well now a days becomes of the numbing in my stomach :( If I put my hand where on my stomach, I can feel a lot of movement but I guess the numbing is on the inside of my belly as well which makes it so I can't feel them as good anymore. Still feeling lots of kicks to my insides though :)
  • Food cravings: Apples w/ peanut butter & watermelon. 
  • Food Aversions: None
  • Gender: Pink & Blue!
  • Labor Signs: None
  • Symptoms: The numbing continues and shortness of breath. Oh, and the palms of my hands and bottoms of my feet are constantly sweaty...lovely :)
  • Belly Button in or out? Out
  • Wedding rings on or off? Off
  • Looking forward to: them getting here!! I am so ready for them to be born, to see their cute faces, and to hold & take care of them.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The One with The Big 3-0...

I know everyone says it, but this pregnancy has truly flown by so far! I have enjoyed every bit of it and I'm hoping I can continue to say that for the next 8ish weeks. We had another ultrasound this week and the babies are looking great. Poor little girl has no room. She is squished down in the bottom left corner of my stomach while her brother is stretching out across the rest of my belly. The tech really had to work to get all of her measurements because she is tucked in so tight and her feet are so far down into my pelvis. We got a couple good profile pictures this week too...

With 7 more weeks still to go, I am carrying a total of 7lb 5oz of babies so far! (see their stats in this weeks pic) They (mostly the boy) are constantly changing positions. She has been head down for the longest time and now she is head up, while he changed positions multiple times just during the ultrasound. I'm so curious to see what their little personalities will be like outside the womb and if/how they will match the movements I've been feeling. 

  • How far along? 30 weeks
  • Total weight gain: 36lbs
  • Maternity clothes? Things are getting tighter and especially shorter as the belly continues to grow.
  • Stretch marks? yep :/ but they're worth it!
  • Sleep: I could tell I was ready for an adjustment because sleep hasn't been as great the past couple nights. Thankfully I went to the chiropractor today so it should get better. 
  • Best moment this week: Hanging up the mobiles and shelves in the nursery the past weekend. Now it just needs some decor on the walls and it will be about done!
  • Miss Anything? Energy
  • Movement: Like crazy! The other night it felt like fireworks were going off in my stomach. They were both moving none stop as I was trying to fall asleep. Baby girl seems to be farther back in my stomach, so when she moves/kicks, it feels like she's using my organs as a punching bag. Where as baby boy is more against the surface so I can see and feel him move. 
  • Food cravings: Still enjoying my nightly bowl of Thrifty's chocolate chip ice cream!
  • Food Aversions: None
  • Gender: Pink & Blue!
  • Labor Signs: None
  • Symptoms: My stomach is starting to become numb which feels REALLY weird! I can still feel most things, but the center (around my belly button) has lost some of it's feeling.
  • Belly Button in or out? Still goes back and forth between being flat or waaay out.
  • Wedding rings on or off? Off
  • Looking forward to: All the birthday celebrations for friends and family we have this next week.