Thursday, July 11, 2013

The One With The 4th and 10 Months...

I have been LOVING being able to spend every day at home with these two! It is so much fun seeing their smiling faces waiting for me in the morning.

We spend our days swinging in the backyard...

going on family bike rides...

going to VBS...

playing with all our toys...

and swimming!

This kid can't get enough of the water.


We started the morning off with a family bike ride around the neighborhood. Then, Cole decided he was going to crawl! None of this belly crawling business for this guy. He went straight to crawling on his knees. So worth the wait!

Not long after, Faith decided that she was ready to crawl on her knees too! Such a competitive little thing already :)

We had a busy, yet fun day planned. First, we stopped and The Bomgaars' house and Cole and Faith had fun playing with their "cousins" Jake, Janelle, Brooke, and Luke, plus lots of other kiddos!

Then we headed to the 2nd Annual Independence Day Block Party at the Abrahams' to play with even more friends! 

Olivia, Faith, Cole, and Seth

While the adults had fun playing in the Corn Hole Tournament, the kids had a bike parade. 

We started the night off right by listening to Kelly Sybesma, Janice Westra, and Rachel Streelman sing the Star Spangled Banner.

We ended the weekend by celebrating Matt's new job! He is the new Distribution Center Manager at ThyssenKrupp. We are so proud of him! 


Cole Matthew

Your sleeping patterns: Sleeping has stayed the same this month. You are able to sit up in your crib now so you love to sit and play with your lovey after your done sleeping.  

Your feeding schedule: You still have 2 teeth, but your top 2 could pop through any day now. You are eating more table food now and you still can't get enough. You love to stuff as many pieces in your mouth as possible. 

Sounds and motions you make: You are officially crawling now!! You need a little motivation to get started though. You are still very content just sitting and examining your toys. You can say, Bababababa and you love patting your hand over your mouth while you say Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh. 

Your dislikes: Other then loud noises, you have recently started despising getting your diaper changed. You need lots of distractions to keep you happy and still. 

Your favorite toys: This one... 
It has lots of things to inspect.

What we are learning this month: I think the next thing to learn will be pulling yourself up and some words.

Faith Olivia

Your sleeping patterns: Getting you to lay down has become more of a challenge now that you can pull yourself up in your crib. This week I actually started putting you down for naps in a pack n play in our bedroom which seems to help. Once you're asleep your out.

Your feeding schedule: You have 2 teeth as of today! You are also getting more table food and are a very good eater. We still haven't found anything you guys don't like. 

Sounds and motions you make: As I said earlier, you learned to pull yourself up and you just started walk along things, like the couch. You also love to climb over Cole and on my lap 
when I sit on the floor and play with you guys. Your first official word was "dada" but you say "mama" all the time and know what it means, especially when you want something or are sad. That's my girl :) You also love to "sing" Ahhhhhh and will sing along with anyone who does it too. 


Your dislikes: You've never liked being contained, and that has only grown more now that you can move around.

Your favorite toys: You still love taking toys away from Cole, but you also love anything that isn't a toy, like our cell phone and the remote control, both things you are not aloud to have. You think you are so clever when you happen to get your hands on them though. 

What we are learning this month: More words and dare I say...walking??

Only 2 more months till they're ONE, which means I need to get back on the birthday planning! I took a break for awhile but the theme has already planned and some things have been purchased, but now it's time to start putting it all together. Let the crafting begin!!

For those of you who stuck with me and read through all my rambling...
The next blog post will be of the 9 month photo-shoot Sisterlee Photography did for us. I can't wait to share what they captured!

The One With Lots of Catching Up...

I have been a terrible blogger lately! I wish I had a good excuse, but unfortunately I don't. I just haven't felt very motivated to sit down and write. I have stayed on top of taking pictures though, so that is what this post will mostly consist of. Here are Cole & Faith's 8 & 9 month pictures...




Cole's Stats:
Weight- 50th percentile
Height- 90th percentile
Head Circumference- 90th percentile

Your sleeping patterns: You continue to be a great sleeper. The majority of the time you take 2 hour naps. One from 9-11 and the other from 1-3. We are working on eliminating your third nap before dinner. You are still sleeping through the night and wake up around 7/7:30. 

Your feeding schedule: Not much has changed in the food department other then we have added eating lunch now which you love. You also have 2 teeth now! You sound like a little lamb between each bite begging for more because you love it so much :) We also started eating Puffs and Mum Mums which you love. You have hard time eating Puffs by yourself though. You can't quite figure out how to open your hand to get the puff in your mouth. 

Sounds and motions you make: You are now able to roll over from your back to tummy and still working on sitting up on your own. You're still a little wobbly because of your big dome :) You are definitely still the most vocal. You have the most high pitch scream. You love to jump in the jumperoo. You only every jump on your left foot though. Daddy thinks that's a sign that you'll be a lefty some day. 

Your dislikes: You are a sensitive little guy and get quite scared at a few things. So far they are your stuffed animal cow that sings "Old McDonald had a Farm", the vacuum, the food processor, and the drive through car wash. So basically you aren't a fan of anything that is loud.

Your favorite toys: Right now it's probably Sophie and anything with tags. You are very interested in tiny details and love to examine them with your pointer finger. You also LOVE Cooper and get so excited when he runs by you. 

What we are learning this month: Crawling?? You haven't shown any signs of it yet, but I'm sure it's the next thing to come. 

Faith's Stats:
Weight- 50th percentile
Height- 50th percentile
Head Circumference- 50th percentile

I don't know how I ended up not getting a picture of Faith with her weight. I'm super bummed!

Your sleeping patterns: You're a great sleeper just like your brother. You take naps at the same time but you are usually the last to wake up.  

Your feeding schedule: You love your food too! You also like to stick your hand in your mouth after each bite witch makes things very messy for mommy, but we are working on that. Still no teeth for you yet! 

Sounds and motions you make: You are officially a crawler! You actually started crawling at 8 months. You haven't mastered crawling on your knees yet, but you get where you want to go by "swimming" around.   

Your dislikes: Your car seat still. You don't mind it once we are going, but getting in is no fun.   

Your favorite toys: Anything that Cole has. Luckily you have a very nice brother who loves to share with you, but I have a feeling that will most likely change soon. You also love the girl rubber ducky with the blue bow, when you take a bath. (Yes, she can tell the difference between the boy and the girl duck :) 

What we are learning this month: Crawling on your knees :)


Enjoying blueberries for the first time.

Watching daddy play in the Corn Hole Tournament.

So thankful grandma & grandpa were there to help out!

They couldn't get enough of swimming in the warm water...

The condo we stayed at had a huge jacuzzi bath tub, so we decided to have them take their first big kid bath in it without their seats. They had so much fun splashing around and sucking on wash cloths :)


All dressed up for Memorial Day.

Lounging around watching Praise Baby.

Our room set up.