Monday, January 23, 2012

The One with The Egg Retrieval & Transfer...

January 17 (last Tuesday) was the retrieval and it went really well. I was put under, so I don't remember anything that happened, but they called today and said they were able to retrieve 14 eggs, and of that, 10 turned into embryos! They let those embryos sit for 5 days to see which ones would continue to develop and which ones would stop growing.

Yesterday we went in at 11:00am for the transfer. I had to have a full bladder so they could getting a clearer view of my uterus. Once I was in the hospital gown and bed, they wheeled me into the transfer room. The embryologist came in to show us our embryos and talk us through the procedure. Matt was able to sit in the room right next to me and look through a microscope at our embryos waiting in the incubator. It was such a neat and special moment where we were able to pray together, hold hands and watch as our babies were placed in my uterus. Although this wasn't the way we ever imagined we would have a baby, we could feel God there with us, watching over us, our baby, and guiding the doctors.

I am now on strict bedrest for 48 hours, only aloud to get up to use the restroom. I feel great, especially knowing that God could be quite possibly creating a miracle inside of me. Matt has been such an amazing husband and partner through every step of this journey. Not only has be been so helpful around the house and waiting on me hand & foot, he has been encouraging and there for me emotionally. I am so thankful for him. We should now if everything worked next Thursday, February 2, two days before my 26th birthday!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The One with The Trigger Shot...

I'm ready!! I went in this morning and my follicles are the size and condition they need to be, so they scheduled the retrieval for Tuesday, a day earlier than they thought. Unfortunately, Matt went hunting this weekend so he wasn't at the appointment with me. The only important thing he missed was being given the trigger shot instructions. This shot triggers ovulation and they said it was most important shot in this whole process. It needs to be given at 11:00pm tonight on-the-dot. Unlike the other shots which have been in my stomach under my belly button, this is an intramuscular shot which means it's given in the booty :( I am extremely nervous for this. My plan is to sit on ice till my booty is frozen, in hopes that I won't be able to feel anything. Matt will obviously be giving me this shot :) EEeek!

Update: The shot went great! I couldn't feel a thing. The area is a little sore, it feels like theres a big bruise. Thankful that's the worst of it :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

The One with The Shots...

I started my medication this past Saturday. I have to give myself 2 shots in the morning, and 2 and night. It isn't as nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Matt have me the first shot Saturday morning because I got a little nervous, but it didn't hurt at all! Since then, I've been doing all of them. The needles are the same size as the ones diabetics use. One of the medications (Lupron) I have to draw the fluid out with the syringe, and the other one (Follistim) is a pen like device that the medication goes into. It's definitely weird giving yourself a shot 4 times a day. Not something I ever thought I would be doing to myself.

I'm so thankful for how smoothly this whole process has gone so far. God has truly gone before us and protected us in the journey. The only side affect that I have had is some bruises on my stomach from the shots. Every once in awhile it burns afterward, which is usually because the medication is on the cold side. Matt has been so sweet and helpful with everything. Since Matt gets up before me, when he wakes up he takes all my stuff out of the fridge and gets it ready for me so it can get down to room temp before I have to take it. I love that he does this on his own without me asking. It's his way of making everything a little easier on me. I just love him.

I was also surprised at the short amount of time I have to take the medication. I go in this Wednesday (1/11) to see how my body is responding to the meds, and then everyday to every other day after that. They are going to be looking at the follicles (what contains each egg) to see how many there are measuring them to see how big they are getting. They are predicting the egg retrieval will take place on/around the 18th and then the embryo transfer will take place 5 days after the retrieval! So surreal that I could be pregnant by the end of this month! Right now we are just praying for my body responds to the medication positively and that we get a good amount of follicles.