Saturday, December 15, 2012

The One with The 3 Month Update...

Well, it looks like I'm only going to be updating every month. I'd like to do it more, but there isn't a whole lot going on over here besides eating, awake time, and napping. We are still on a 2.5 hour schedule which makes it a little tricky to go out and do a lot. Hopefully as they get older, I will have more to update about :)

Looking back at last months update, I can't believe how much they have changed already! 

Cole Matthew

Cole has lost a lot of hair since the last update and is rockin' an old man hair on the top, just around the sides :) He is our little talker, giving us the sweetest, high pitched coos all the time and he loves to give us lots of smiles. His favorite place to be is on the changing table where he smiles and talks non-stop. He is such a daddy's boy. He loves sitting propped up on Matt's knees staring at him with a big smile. It's the cutest thing. He has been wearing size 0-3 months for about a couple weeks now, but I'm sure at the rate he is growing he'll be in size 3-6 before we know it.  Bath time has gotten much better. I think he finally realized he likes it. We are still working on tummy time. He is not a big fan of exercising his neck...probably because he has quite a heavy load to hold up :) 

He is a great sleeper...once asleep. He goes to bed around 9:00pm and sleeps till about 5:30am every night. Getting to sleep is what can be a battle at times. Sometimes he goes to sleep without a peep, other times he throws a screaming fit. He is still getting breast milk (5oz) from a bottle since he's a fan of fast food :) Sometimes he gets formula when I can't get a pumping session in. He is definitely a growing boy, gaining 3lb in one month! 

Faith Olivia

Faith is our little mover. She moves CONSTANTLY! Her arms and legs are moving all the time. I think she will have to be swaddles for as long as possible or else she will keep her self up with all the wiggling she does. She is quite the smiler too. She is happiest after she eats. She also LOVES laying on the changing table and gives us tons of open mouthed grins. She makes great eye contact and follows me around ever where I go. She is going to kill me for saying this when she is older, but she farts all.the.time. It is so funny hearing these these big 'ol farts come out of such a petite little thing. She isn't as vocal Cole yet. I'm sure she is saving all that talking for when she is older, just like her mama :) Faith LOVES tummy time. Her favorite position is being propped up on our knees, facing out. She is quite the nosey little thing, also like mommy :) She just started fitting in size 0-3 months last week, but they are still a little big on her. Unlike Cole, Faith isn't as great of a sleeper, but she goes to bed like a champ. We swaddle her, put her to bed wide awake, and she is out without a peep,  but she usually wakes up a couple times between 2:30-4:30 crying because she wants her paci. I can hold her off till 5:30 though when I feed both of them. One up, both up is our motto! Faith is nursed every feeding, except she gets one 5oz bottle at the 8:30pm feeding and the 5:30am feeding. This way I can feed them quickly while I pump and go right back to bed. 

  • They both love laying in their cribs staring at their mobile. They can lay there for 10 plus minutes just staring and kicking away while listening to praise baby.
  • We have also turned on their praise baby DVD a couple times and let them watch all the fun colors and shapes on the screen and listen to the calm, soothing music. I know I've heard people say not to let babies watch TV but they absolutely love it! I figured it's made for babies so every once in awhile can't hurt...right?
  • Faith loves laying her head to the left and Cole loves laying his head to the much that the sides of their heads are getting pretty flat. We are trying to work on rotating their heads to even it out, but they are pretty stubborn!
  • Matt and I have both come up with lots of silly songs and nicknames for the kids. Cole's most used nickname is Coley and Faith's is Faithy Girl :)
November Happenings...
On November, 18, we had Cole & Faith baptized. It was such a blessing to be surrounding by our family and church family on this special day. I am so thankful that our kids will grow up in a church surrounded by such godly, loving, and supportive friends & family. 

 I wish I would've taken more pictures of the kids with all the family and friends that came :/
The Anema Family

The Rollema Family

4 Genderations

With Uncle Ty Ty :)

We had a great first Thanksgiving with the babies...although it was mostly filled with feeding them every 2.5 hours, pumping & naps in between. We went to my Grandpa's on Thanksgiving day, and then to Matt's parent's house on Sunday. It was so nice to be able to celebrate with both families. 

I was bad at not taking pictures on Thanksgiving so the only one I got was in the onesies I made for them :/

My cousin, Heidi, came to visit from Visalia at the end of the month. She was so much help, even getting up to help me feed at night!
 Last year I went to visit her when she had her twin boys. I love that we having matching pictures :)

And I leave you with a video I took of them a few weeks ago. You are welcome to turn the volume way down so you don't have to listen to my obnoxious voice talking baby talk to them :)