Saturday, August 17, 2013

The One with One Month Away...

This picture was taken at this time 1 year ago and 3 weeks before Cole & Faith were born...which means they will be 1 in only 3 short weeks! I've heard it from every parent who has had an almost 1 year old and it's true, this year has flown by and they have and are growing up way too quick. 

The past few months have been filled with party prepping. The next couple weeks will be jam packed with going to Hawaii with Matt's family next week, getting my classroom ready the week after that, and then school starts and it's their birthday! I'm having fun crafting away.  Up until now, I've always helped everyone else make decorations for their kids' birthdays. I still can't believe I will be throwing a party for my own kids! 

We haven't been up to much this month, but we did go to the O.C. Fair with our good friends, 

the Scholtes 

 and the Witts.

My smiley boy...

Faith's new scrunchy nose smile :) 

`11 months`
*This was by far the hardest monthly picture to take. It took me two separate tries to get these wiggle worms to cooperate and not throw and/or eat the chalkboard.*

Cole Matthew

Your sleeping patterns: Thankfully there's nothing new in the sleeping department. You don't need quite as much sleep as your sister. You're always the first to wake up in the morning and from naps. 

Your feeding schedule: You now have a total of 5 teeth! 2 on the top and 3 on the bottom. You love and your and and all food and would probably eat all day if I let you. You let me know you want more by waving your arms up and down in the air and saying, "uh-uh-uh".

Sounds and motions you make: You have become quite the speedy crawler and the newest thing you've learned is pulling yourself up, walking along furniture. There have been a hand full of times where you've even stood without holding onto anything for a few seconds! I used to think Faith would be the first to walk, but I think it might be you now!!

Your dislikes: You're still not a fan of getting your diaper changed but distractions definitely help.  

Things/toys you loveYou have found Cooper's doggy door and could sit there and push it back and forth all day. Cooper doesn't seem as amused :)

What we are learning this month: Walking is up next!! 

Faith Olivia

Your sleeping patterns: You are a great little napper and lay down right away and snuggle your head into your lovey. You now take naps in our bedroom in a pack n' play so you don't get woken up by Cole :)

Your feeding schedule: You have 5 teeth too! 3 on the top and 2 on the bottom. You also love every type of food, especially Mum-Mums.

Sounds and motions you make: You are still a wiggle worm. I'm a little worried about how I'm going to contain you while we fly to Hawaii for 5 hours next week. You love to smile and giggle. You are a getting good at imitating. When we go on bike rides I say, "weeeeeee" and you do it along right with me. 

Your dislikes: You continue to be a momma's girl so your least favorite thing is not being around me...which I do kind of love :) You go to anyone just fine, but you love following me around the house wherever I go. Definitely working on that one! 

Things/toys you love: You love books and puzzle pieces. You also love drinking water out of your sippy cup.  

What we are learning this month: Walking!!