Sunday, December 29, 2013

The One With The Holidays...

Now that the kiddos are over a year old, I've gotten out of the habit of blogging my monthly updates. Honestly, we don't have enough excitement in our life for me to have stuff to write about each month, but since it's been awhile here's what we've been up to :)

The kids are now 15 months old and had their well visit at the doctor a few weeks ago and are growing perfectly. Both are 50% in weight and 75% in height.

Much like since the day they were born, they have two extremely different personalities. 

Cole is pretty easy going and is perfectly content playing by himself for the most part. He loves any car/truck and throwing balls. He got a t-ball set for Christmas and Matt has already started teaching him how to hit the ball :) He played close attention to details and loves trying to figure new things out. It takes hime awhile to warm up to new people and places. He has to take in all in for a bit while he sits with one of us and then he's ready to check everything out. He can have quite the temper though when things don't go his way. We just started learning what time-out means :) Fun fun!

Faith loves to be the center of attention. She is very outgoing and loves to run around where ever we go. Definitely miss independent already. Her favorite toy is our iPad which she is rarely aloud to have but always manages to find. She also loves looking at herself in pictures. She never sits too long to play with any particular toy but always manages to want what Cole has and doesn't hesitate to rip it out of his hands. Lucky for her, Cole doesn't seem to mind but this is a habit we are learning to break with time-outs as well :) 

Now for what we've been up to.

We went to visit santa at Crystal Court and this is how it went...

Faith was as happy as could be right after once she had her first taste of a candy cane.

They were both fascinated by watching the train go through the tree all the open space to run.

We ended the day going on their first carousel ride.
Faith loved it.
Cole wasn't too sure.
I am thoroughly enjoying getting to do all these firsts with them!

Matt's parents got us Knott's passes for Christmas. The kids' first ride was on the Calico Mine and they did great! Their eyes were wide open the whole time, taking it all in. There weren't a ton of rides for them to ride in Camp Snoopy yet, but we did take them on the bus and I don't they were too sure of it. But no tears! 

We all rode the train through Camp Snoopy which they loved.

And another carousel ride. Cole is slowly warming up to the idea :)

Now onto Christmas!

Last year they were only a few months old on Christmas so it was a whole new experience have two little toddlers running around trying to get their hands on every present in sight. They loved it all...the paper, the boxes, and the toys. We had a week full of celebrating. Sunday we go together with the Rollema side and went to my aunt's in Corona. It was so much fun having (almost) everyone together and a bunch of kids running around. 

Opening Christmas presents for the first time.

The whole group, minus a few cousins.

We celebrated with Matt's family Monday night and on Christmas Eve. We had two nights of stuffing our faces with delicious food and were spoiled with gifts. 

Grandpa had matching jammies too :)

 Both kids checking out some their cute shoes from Grandma. She sure knows how to shop ;)

Christmas day we went to my mom's side, but unfortunately I didn't take any pictures :( Fail. But we had a great time eating more yummy food, playing a gift card exchange game, and watching a movie. We ended the day at my parents where my dad made his infamous breakfast for dinner (everyones favorite tradition) and opened more gifts. 

Their own phone and car keys.

They loved their piano from Uncle Tyler. 

We ended the week walking around Naples to look at Christmas lights

enjoying their favorite breakfast, pancakes and fruit

 and spending lots of time playing outside.

The love their playhouse/slide from Grandma & Grandpa Anema

And they can't get enough of their work bench from Grandma & Grandpa Rollema. 

2013 has been an amazing year, full of many milestones and unforgettable memories as a family of four. I am so excited to see what the year 2014 brings with these two.
Happy New Year!! 

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